Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dutch Artist Save-the-World project in Guinea Bissau, Africa

Since I posted the video on Friday about the Dutch artist, Tinkebell, I have been very curious about why she chose to give Tinko and Ana the 2 showrooms of IKEA furniture. I did a little research and came upon Tinkebell's video. Tinkebell is a bit of an eccentric artist (as many artists are) but she has done some pretty far out projects in the name of art (one of which - she killed her own cat and made a purse out it). The IKEA  project was part of  her "Save-the-world" in Africa project where furniture was her attempt at saving Africa.

Master bedroom showroom #1
Photo Source
Children's bedroom showroom #2
Here is the Tinkebell project video


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Anonymous said...

She should get her moniker misspelling corrected. There is no "tinkebell" and there is no Santa Claus.

Their is however a TINKERBELL. In fact there everywhere! Their tinkering less than thoughtful acts usually have no good ending.