Thursday, July 12, 2012

Luxury train travel in South Africa

Photo Source: Traveling Greener
I love to travel and I used to travel by train throughout the US each summer. My daughter and I would board a train in California and travel to the coasts. We would visit Miami one year, Vermont, Seattle and Montana the next - stopping at several historic cities along the way. We traveled to Martha's Vineyard, Washington DC, New Orleans, Denver and Chicago.

It was a great way to see the country and very educational for my daughter. Now that she is all grown up, I still like travel by train, but the US rail system has inferior service and very old, very slow and very outdated trains, especially as compared to Canada and Europe.

But....who knew that some of the most LUXURIOUS trains in the world travel through South Africa!

They have been described as 5-Star hotels on rails.

The Blue Train

The Blue Train, passenger train has an aura of mystique about it.
Kings and presidents have travelled on this magnificent moving five-star hotel.
Its very name has become synonymous with the ultimate in luxury and personal service.

The routes of The Blue Train - both scheduled and chartered - take guests through some of the most breathtaking countryside of Southern Africa.
As the ever-changing scenery flashes past the windows, guests can savoir exquisite meals freshly prepared on board by top chefs.
Our meals are complemented by the best wines South Africa has to offer.

The suites on The Blue Train live up to its reputation for magnificence and splendor.
The finest bed linen, marble tiles and gold fittings in the bathrooms and sheer opulence
all ensure that guests will never forget the time they spend on The Blue Train.
When you choose to travel on The Blue Train, you choose to travel in a world of grace, elegance and romance.
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