Saturday, August 4, 2012

It Takes a Village Team Member is part of Mars Rover project

Hope you're planning to tune in tomorrow when the Mars Rover, Curiosity is scheduled to touch down.
August 5, 2012
10:31pm PST

There is a super website at the JPL site where you can learn more, see pictures, videos and follow the landing

Here's one of the coolest things for me. My sister-friend, *Randii, works at NASA and has been involved with this mission (both graphically and artistically). 

That Mars landscape image and artwork "NASA/JPL/Caltech" which we see behind the photos of "Curiosity" at JPL were a joint venture by her and another gentleman.  

Randii says "Most of the "Artist's images" that you are seeing were co-created by me, with the 3D artists from JPL - who produced the MSL "Entry, Descent and Landing" movie. I was asked to make the images look "better".  

Her handiwork is on almost ALL of the press images. There's even a lunch box with her artwork on it. 

You can also follow on CNN or CBS
NOTE: *Randii's DNA and mine were traced back to Guinea Bissau, W Africa. She is part of our "It Takes a Village" team that recently travelled to Guinea Bissau to take part in the celebration of a new school in Dajti which we funded.

Congratulations! I'm so proud of her

I'll be watching

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