Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Day in the Life - Camera #13

I really love taking the disposables to Walgreen's to have them turned into Cds, so that I can share them on the site. When I picked up the Cd for the last 3 cameras, the check out clerk remarked "Wow, I haven't seen anyone come through with one of these (referring to the disposable camera) in, like, Forever!" I laughed and explained that the cameras were sent to Africa and given to the children of a remote, village, named Djati, Guinea Bissau.  He seemed very intrigued, so I explained the rest of the project to him. I told him that I had 20 cameras in my possession so would be back soon to develop the next 3. He said he'd be waiting.

So, it with great joy that I post (8) pictures today from camera #13.

Imuldaba - Djati, Guinea Bissau Nov 2012 -  camera #13

A variety of crops are grown in Guinea Bissau, including; corn. Bananas, cabbage, cashews, mangoes, hot peppers, and black corn for animal feed and I have admit, I have NO idea what this is. Feel free to enlighten me.
UPDATE - duh, they also grow RICE, which I am pretty sure that is what this is. 


Update on the situation in Guinea Bissau
I learned today that since the recent coup, there is an even more urgent need for medical outreach there. The circumstances have left the people poorer and more broke. Many are dying from lack of medicine (remember there are only about 5 doctors for 1.5 million people in the country)

That's really sad and you can see why it's very important that we get funds to Djati so that construction can begin on the medical clinic.
This is something WE can make happen!

If you would like to help Build a Medical Clinic in Djati, Guinea Bissau
Thanks to all for your support.

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