Saturday, December 1, 2012

Let's Get Started!

YOU can make a difference!

Today is the first official fundraising day of our "Help us Build a Medical Clinic in Djati, Guinea Bissau" project. There is an active donation site now on Indiegogo where you can read all about the project and donate (its the same site we used for building the school and the well).

This portion of the campaign will only run through the month of December so we really need your help today. 
Don't put it off. Any amount large or small will be appreciated.

This is the final phase of our 3 phase project for Djati. I'm so excited and grateful fo everyone who has helped us get this far. We've come such a long way since I first decided to adopt the little village of Djati back in September 2011.  If you would like to read about how this project came about, please read my story We are Family.

How YOU can get involved:
(there is also a convenient link to the donation site on my sidebar)

Its the Christmas season and many of us are focused on gifts for family and friends. Please consider giving a gift to your "global family" as well.

This year let's look at Christmas in a different way. Maybe we can rethink the way we look at gift giving. Most of us feel at least a little bit compelled to shop for gifts. Spending money on gifts that often have little meaning and are soon forgotten.

Consider giving a donation in the name of a family member or having them do the same for you.
“By Redefining Christmas, small changes in the way we give during the holidays – made by many, many caring people – can have a big impact in our world. And it can help us all recapture or simply reinforce the joy of the holiday season.”

Please tell your friends and family and share this site and our donation page with them. 

Project Overview:
Location: Djati, Guinea Bissau, West Africa
Population Served: 1,000 villagers plus villagers from surrounding area
The project will begin in Jan 2013 with a projected completion date of May 2013 (the rains begin around May 15).

The total budget for the project is $8,000, which includes construction of a 2-room medical building made of adobe brick and installation of a solar light system (to end performing services in the dark!)

I mentioned in a recent post that the medical situation is deteriorating in Djati and there is an urgent need to get this clinic up an running pretty quickly. When medical outreach can reach the village they are treating more than 60 patients a day and due to the fact that they are using the school for a clinic when it is not being used AND the lack of lighting (NO LIGHTS) they are turning people away without treatment.

We've decided to break the project up into 2 parts.

Part I - Get $2,000 to the Djati by Jan 2013 so that building can begin
Part II - Raise the remainder of the funds by March 2013

Happy Holidays!
Thank you for your continued support!!
please email me if you have any questions

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