Thursday, January 24, 2013

Working it out - Update on projects in Djati

The road is open now so this is the perfect time to do a little maintenance on the school. One thing the school still needs is a concrete floor. When it was built last year it had a dirt floor.  The important thing was to get the building completed before the rains came.
Now that it is dry season again, 
time to get to work!
 The students moved back to what is left of one of the rooms in the old school for class while work was being done

 Freddy outside the new school giving instructions

 preparation for the new floor

Working it out!

Desks were moved outside

some just took the opportunity to rest a bit

Next up, my "secret" project!
See you back here tomorrow


Unknown said...

Beauty !! Miss all that a lot !! Fredy is my dad !! I hope to come back Bissau soon !! =]

devon said...

Thank you for your comment. I LOVE your dad!!!