Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hasan Salaam speaks out on his Northwest Tour - Interview

Hasan @ SOS Children's Village in Bissau, Guinea Bissau Website

A sit down interview with our own, Hasan Salaam on his 2013 Northwest Tour.
Hasan organizes food and clothing drives in Jersey City on the third Sunday of each month, works with charities, non-profits, and youth all over the world. In November 2010, he became the first U.S hip hop artist to ever perform in Guinea-Bissau. On this same trip he worked with the young artists, taught creative writing to the youth, and headlined a concert to promote freedom of speech. The “Music Is My Weapon” project is the next step, in an effort to provide change to a country that remains one of the poorest and least politically stable in the world. December 2011, Hasan Salaam released an EP "Music Is My Weapon" employing all profits to build a well, school, and clinic in Guinea-Bissau.
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and Thank You Hasan for all you do!!

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