Monday, March 4, 2013

Vanessa Williams traces her DNA

The project that first sequenced a human genome in 2000 took 15 years and cost about $3 billion.

Now it takes six to eight weeks and costs as little as $100. Takers include actress Vanessa Williams, who has a long interest in tracing her family history.

"I’ve got blue eyes, my brother also has light eyes, and everyone says, 'Well, what are you? You’re mixed with something. What is it?'” Williams told The Huffington Post. "My parents are black ... but I was a bit defensive, because I don’t know, all of my relatives look like me. And we know as much as we can."

Two years ago, Williams found herself choking back tears as she traced her family history during the second season of NBC's now-defunct series, "Who Do You Think You Are?"

 Vanessa traced her DNA through

Her genome revealed this mixture: 23 percent Ghana; 17 percent British Isles; 15 percent Cameroon/Congo; 13 percent Finnish/Ural/Volga; 11 percent southern European; 7 percent Togo; 6 percent Benin; 5 percent Senegal; 4 percent Spain/Portugal.

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