Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The long and winding road - Final tally Medical Supplies Fundraiser

The current Indiegogo donation site for medical supplies for Djati closed at the end of March.

Once again we met our goal, or I should I say, we more than met our goal. In fact we doubled our goal by raising a whopping $3,000!!

That is amazing! Thank you to Mala and to Willie for heading up this leg of the project

Willie shows some local children their photos (on the ride to Djati 2012)

Our thanks to everyone who contributed. The donation site raised $2,000 and Mala's birthday contribution raised another $1,000.

Fredy on the job, clip board in hand

We have raised a grand total of SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS so far! We are now only $1,000 shy of our project goal of $8,000.

Soon the rains will be upon the tiny village of Djati once again. I don't have any pictures yet showing the progress of the medical clinic but I hear that Raquel and Juan are leading a BIG medical brigade in Djati on May 4th and 5th. So, hopefully I will have photos to share then. Stay tuned. 

No medical bldg so tarp goes up for medical brigade in Djati 2012          

We're almost there
Thank you to all of our contributors!!
Randii and I had head wraps done by one of the village ladies in Quebo- what an honor (journey to Djati 2012) 


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Unknown said...

The donation site raised $2,000 hospital equipment and Mala's birthday contribution raised another $1,000.