Friday, May 3, 2013

Cruzin the Carribbean - My 14-Day Travel Blog - St Maarten

Day 4
I have to apologize, I mistakenly thought this was Antigua day but turns out, its not. With 8 ports of call sometimes you can forget what day it is. Antigua, up next.

Today, welcome to St Maarten - the place to get your party on, Caribbean style! We booked our own tour on Da Party Bus. The bus picked us up at the dock at about 10:00am (island time). We only had 6 people in our group from the Eclipse so we shared the bus with some cruisers from a couple of other ships that were in port. With the bus filled to capacity, we were off for a day of fun.

"The St. Maarten and St. Martin Party Bus," is the only party bus of its kind in the world.

Da Party Bus takes you on an unforgettable island adventure with a hand-picked driver and entertainer who knows the island better than just about anybody.

We transformed a traditional school bus into a plush, artistic, wild and colorful party bus with a unique Caribbean look and flavor

Da party bus was very lively, had loads of good music and lots, and lots of alcohol to get us all in the party spirit. We sang, we screamed, we laughed and we shouted  (more rum punch please!) and by the end of our tour, many were dancing in the aisle.

We toured the major points of interest on the island and made several stops along the way.

One stop was to a beach where we had the opportunity to check out some sea creatures and walk over to another island. I opted out because I had on the wrong shoes, but I did get some photos of the others making the short trip.


Next we were off to Pedro's for more drinks?

Our final stop was Sunset Beach. You may have heard of it before. Its pretty famous. Sunset beach (which is a partially nude beach) is also the home of Sunset Bar & Grill.
Fasten your seatbelts for fun in the sun! Sunset Bar & Grill is St. Maarten's most popular beach bar and it's easy to see why. We are right on a beautiful white sandy beach, but also right at the end of the runway of Princess Juliana International Airport.
Where else can you enjoy an ice cold beer as a huge KLM Jumbo Jet soars right over your head?
We got the opportunity to hang out for a short while. Time to take in the beautiful beach and witness a few jets coming in for landing. Trust me, the planes are really right over your head.

watch for these 2 ladies in our video outtake at the end of this post
***caution....objects are a heck of a lot closer than they appear!

and...have I mentioned that it was windy in the Caribbean???

not only was it windy but it was hot. check out the video below
da party bus - outtake
"what happens on da party bus, stays on da party bus"

See you next time with my review on Antigua (promise!)
Have a wonderful weekend!!

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