Thursday, May 23, 2013

Going Bananas! My review of St Lucia

Friday 4/11/13
Day 6

I had real high hopes for St Lucia. I had heard so much about it from Oprah. I heard about the shopping and all the fancy resorts. Matt Damon happened to be on the island the same day that we arrived.

We had no official excursion planned. We were originally supposed to meet a friend of a friend who would take us around the island. Whenever possible we like to tour with a local so that we get to explore places that are off the beaten path.  Shortly before our trip those plans fell through, so we decided to go it alone.

After we disembarked we chose to take a private tour with a local taxi/van service. I think there were about 6 couples in our group. The cost was $20 per person and the tour was for 4 hours.

The1st stop was to a place called "The Bagshaw's of St Lucia".
This shop sells clothing and table linens in colorful tropical patterns. The fabrics are silk-screened by hand and you get a demonstration as part of the tour. This was a very interesting stop and the items in the gift shop were of good quality. I bought a canvas silk-screened bag.

My bag is the same print as the Hibiscus flower on the top of the table
Next stop was the Government House, which is the official residence of the Governor-General of Saint Lucia.

The best part of this stop was the amazing view and great photo op. (St Lucia is rain forest/mountainous on 1 side of the island and does not have the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean - IMO)

I told you, no matter where you go on these islands, the ship is never far from sight!

Next stop, bananas!!!

Banana everything. I actually regret not buying a couple of the products but you had to barter for everything and it was hot and humid and frankly I just wasn't in the mood, especially after having to pay $2 for a picture of this guy 

and an older lady who kept following me around everywhere, begging for money. 

We were trying to pick out T-shirts so I finally gave her a $1 and got back in the van. This kind of activity turns me off. And so it was in St Lucia.

rock formation that looks like a high heel shoe (look closely)

I didn't really care too much for St Lucia. So I give it, 2 thumbs down. I was very disappointed and I'm not sure I would want to go back -- but the worse part was after we returned to the ship, to learn that 55 passengers from our ship had been robbed at gunpoint while on a ship sponsored excursion. WTF?  Click for story

Fortunately we were not on that excursion!

We ended the day by having a nice dinner @ Blu. Sometimes the best part of a day off the ship, is a safe return, to the ship!

Next up, Barbados (I LOVED Barbados!)

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