Monday, December 2, 2013

Kor di Korson - Color of Love

So few people know of Guinea Bissau that I am always very pleasantly surprised when I come across someone who has heard of this tiny country. And so it was when I stumbled upon this beautiful song by Kat Maguire. I was even more surprised when I found out that she is a local Bay Area artist from Berkeley, California.

Ze & Kat performing at Ashkenaz in Berkeley, CA
I heard Kat's beautiful voice on a video a few months ago as I was preparing to attend the WAVs event in Fresno. What was even more surprising was that she was singing this beautiful song in the Kriol, a native language of the people of Guinea Bissau. So, I immediately hit her up on Facebook and thus our friendship began.

Since then I have spoken with Kat about doing a proper interview with her and the talented artist she performed with, named Ze Manel. Ze is a singer and multi-instrumentalist from Guinea Bissau, Ze lived in the Bay Area also for about 10 yrs.

The circle is growing!

I'll let Kat introduce her song to you
The debut of my song "Kor di Korson" (Color of Love) performing with Ze Manel from Guinea Bissau, West Africa. After singing with Ze for 8 years, and learning his language, Kriol phonetically, I asked to have a poem of mine translated into Kriol. I then composed the melody in the flow of the Kriol language, and Ze beautifully arranged the music. This is our first public performance of the song.
Kat Maguire
Kat has performed live, and recorded background vocals on 3 of Ze's CD's, collaborated and recorded two of her songs in Kriol.

Ze Manel
Ze Manel
Zé Manel is the most famous and influential contemporary musician to emerge from the West African country of Guinea-Bissau. By the age of seven, Zé, playing drums and acoustic guitar, had become the main attraction of Super Mama Djombo band. During the 1970's, this seminal orchestra played a major role in the liberation struggle of this former Portuguese colony.  Ze Manel website
please enjoy this beautiful song
Language: Kriol from Guinea Bissau, West Africa.
Music is my way to connect with with love and spirit...
About Kat Maguire
My professional career began in 1984 as the lead vocalist for Big City, a popular World music band based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Big City drew praise from industry professionals and music critics, (most notably Joel Selvin from the SF Chronicle) This band was my introduction into the World music arena, sparking my interest in rhythms and languages, which I have had the opportunity to explore and develop.

After deciding to leave the band in 1986 to refine my style, I moved deeper into the world of Polyrhythmic music. My ear for harmony, ability to sing in different languages and styles combined with a commanding stage presence has taken me to many countries touring, recording and composing for over 30 years with several artists from the US, Africa, the UK and the West Indies.
Languages: Kriol, Portuguese, French

Please go to Kat's web site , and/or follow her on Facebook for more info and to hear more of her music

I look forward to the interview with Kat and also with Ze.  Check back for more information. 

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