Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Sister-Friend makes the journey home to Guinea Bissau

This is a photo of my sister friend Verdette. We met back in October, when she contacted me after she had her DNA traced and learned that we had a common genetic heritage in Guinea Bissau.

Verdette arrives in Guinea Bissau
Unlike my 100% Fulani DNA, Verdette's DNA was spread over 3 different ethnic groups. Fula from Guinea Bissau and 2 others which I can't recall, however she was very interested in traveling to Guinea Bissau and getting information from me regarding my trip.

After speaking with her on the phone we discovered that we lived very close to each other and a friendship began. Since that day, we have emailed frequently and she has become part of a small social group that I am also part of, and we see each other almost weekly.

Verdette left California on her 1st trip to Guinea Bissau about 10 days ago and from what I've heard, it was quite an adventure! She met Maritza, got a chance to hang out in Quebo with Fredy & Raquel and even stayed overnight in the village of Djati!

She is on her way home tonight (I tracked her flight out Dakar to DC). She will be back in California tomorrow and I can hardly wait to hear the stories. Of course I will share them here on the blog.

Stay tuned!

Verdette in Buba, Guinea Bissau

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shelly earnshaw @ribbon in the sky said...

so awesome! can't wait to hear the stories and see the pics!