Monday, May 11, 2015

Pictures from Djati, better late than never!

Long awaited pictures from the village of Djati, Guinea Bissau

On this trip Maritza was unable to go but Raquel and family took some pictures for us (Thank you Schafer family)

The gentleman with the red hair is Timothy Schafer, Freddys son, 

it was an all around outreach, a construction crew went to pour the concrete floors in the clinic

Maritza's new car was used for the trip because Freddy's car was not working

and....the always and never changing, bad road!

 Raquel did some medical outreach

they even used the side of Maritza's car to show films to the crowd

they also gave presents to the kids 

 I think the young lady with Raquel is Agnes Backman, Tim's wife


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