Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goodies for Djati - Update

Whew, am I getting tired! So many loose ends to tie up as we get closer to our departure date.

Toni's dress #1
Donations are still arriving. Toni sent a check to help out today (thanks Toni). She is so good about giving what she can. Recently she also made 2 very cute dresses for Ussai (one of the girls at the Casa E orphanage). Ussai is a little bigger than the other girls and very often the clothes that are sent don't fit her.

Toni's dress #2

Colleen has been sewing away too. She made a cute little dress along with a skirt and she paired the skirt with a little T-shirt.

Colleens dress
Don't forget I'll be photographing the girls at Casa E modeling the Little Dresses for Africa that we sent in the summer. That should be fun!!

Maritza asked for some softballs for the students. The teachers want to teach them softball but they have no access to balls. My co worker, Greg volunteered and delivered 6 softballs to me yesterday. Thanks Greg and boy they are much bigger than I thought they would be. We also have about 6 soccer balls (although those can be deflated - which also means we had to purchase a pump to re inflate) The suitcases are filling up.

Colleen's skirt & T-shirt
Willie & I purchased a ton of ball point pens, colored pencils, crayons, erasers and pencil sharpeners. These are the school supplies for the 100 or so children at the school in Djati (and also for Casa E).

I bought a few more paints, some canvas and brushes for Du (I couldn't resist, his paintings are so gorgeous!). I also bought him some Gesso so that he can properly prepare his canvas (or cloth in his case) before he paints. The framer said this will reduce bleed through of the paint.

Travis Kuhl of Kuhl Frames

On Sat we took Du's pictures to a framer

Also I have a huge canvas and lots of color block ink and color pads to do the hand print project with the children in Djati.

We also have some Twizzlers, lollipops, balloons, candy necklaces and a few other little goodies. We are going to purchase the bulk goodies for the kiddies when we get there, but we couldn't resist throwing in some of our U.S favorites.

This was on Facebook today so I thought I would share it with you.

A message from Guinea Bissau:
To everyone involved in "It Takes A Village" - today I met with a young Bissau-Guinean woman and mentioned the project & that 3 of you are coming next month: she became really excited and said the school idea is so inspiring to her, she wants to do the same somewhere in Tombali Region in honor of her deceased husband who was from there! It takes a great idea whose time has come to inspire others! May God enrich and expand your borders and bless each one of you.

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