Friday, January 14, 2011

welcome to my new blog

this is the new home of devon4africa.  here i plan to provide you with plenty of interesting stories, new information, resources and lots of ways you can get involved.

while you're on the site, don't leave without checking out my sidebar. i've loaded it with videos, music and links to other helpful sites.

please bookmark my site, sign up for email updates, join in the conversation with a comment and come back often.


Toni said...

I have another person who says she is a sewer and interested in making some dresses! I went to big lots today and picked up some trim and some cute applique butterflies and flowers!! I think we will have some nice dresses done next week!!

devon said...

Perfect. You are doing really well. I don't think we have any completed dresses yet. Now that thee blog is completed, I have to finish all the planning for the event this week. Good thing I'm off on Monday. LOTS to do.

oh btw can you send me a few jpegs of the completed dresses you made. I will post them.