Monday, October 10, 2011

Casa Emanuel - Connie & Sterling's upcoming trip

To Africa!
(A visit to Casa Emanuel)  

Newsletter: Life Link    October 2011 


Dear Devon,

My head is starting to hurt. I am thinking about the plane trip to see Casa Emanuel Orphanage in Guinea-Bissau. On October 18th at 7a.m. I will be flying out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. A small plane to Newark, then a 10 hr layover. A large plane to Lisbon, Portugal. A 9 hour flight.  Sitting. Crammed in a little seat, next to other big people crammed into little seats. Eating food that is unidentifiable and taste like rubber. Waiting in lines for the tiny airplane bathroom. (Is there a worse smell anywhere in the world? I don't think so!)  Now a 14 hour layover in Lisbon. Then a three-hour flight to Bissau where we will arrive at 1 a.m. on Oct. 20th. Just writing this, my head hurts even more!

Why!  Why do I put myself thru this torture chamber? Hurdling thru the sky in a tiny tube for hours at a time; sitting in airports where the idea of a padded seat is aluminum bars instead of steel?  Because of the children.

Visits to the orphanages are an integral part of what it means to rescue children. To see that they are healthy, happy and whole. To evaluate where we are in the different processes, education, vocational training etc... To hug and kiss as many little faces as humanly possible!!! 

My travel partner for this trip is an amazing young man who has been a family friend for years. I call him my adopted son! Sterling Williams.

Sterling felt a call to go as soon as he heard about the trip. He was able to raise his airfare in an amazingly short amount of time! His friends and relatives opened their hearts and wallets even as they scratched their heads and said "Sterling? Africa?"

Sterling will be helping with some building projects around the orphanages (one orphanage in Bissau and the other in Bissilanka). 

We ask for your prayers for our safety in the air and in the country. Guinea-Bissau is considered stable at this time but several countries nearby have been having trouble with coups d'etat attempts and civil unrest.
My headache is better; thinking about the kids has put such a smile on my face that it has chased the "airplane blues" away! Happy thoughts!

SAVING LIVES - RESCUING CHILDREN!  That's what we do. You and I together.
Thank you.

God bless you.

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