Sunday, October 9, 2011

Guinea Bissau - A church in need of help

Letter from my friend Connie:

This is Pastor Purna's church. It is in a  Muslim village near Casa Emanuel orphanage. It is a safe place for our older children to attend. It has a poor congregation but they are loyal to the Christian faith. It is not a radical village, but still there is a measure of persecution to be faced.

Pastor Purna is a good man and has been a friend of Casa Emmanuel for years. He has a good reputation in the community. 

I have visited this church and it was packed. Ten or twelve people sitting on wood plank benches meant for five or six. Their enthusiasm was contagious as they sang and worshiped with all their hearts. I sat crying in awe as I realized they who had such joy on their faces, would go back home to nothing but a poverty that Americans can not imagine.

Recent heavy rains caused the church to collapse. They were able to save the metal but the wood and straw were washed away.

God bless! Connie 

This is yet another example of the rains washing away the structures in Guinea Bissau.

Connie says to rebuild the church the concrete block building is around $1500. It's amazing to me that for so little money, so many great things can be accomplished.  They will use the salvaged metal for the roof. The more money they collect the larger the building they will build.  

This is not a part of "It Takes a Village" project.

Life link is collecting donations for this project. If you would like more information
Please contact Life Link directly at:
Life Link
PO Box 1808
Claremore, OK 74018
President~Connie Alessi

About Life Link:
Life Link is a non-profit international human services corporation committed to improving the quality of life for children everywhere.

We operate orphanages around the world. Currently we have five orphanages in West Africa. We are committed to increasing this amount as the resources become available, providing food, shelter, clothing, education and medical care for hundreds of children.

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