Friday, December 23, 2011

Djati Update - Good News - Bad News

Hasan Salaam
Music is My Weapon: We don't know the total sales yet. Totals can only be accessed monthly and the Cd has only been out since 12/6. I will report back when I have a total.

I was on Hasan's Facebook page the other day where I learned that some unscrupulous person or persons (internet revolutionaries) have bootlegged the EP.  Raj (FLOW) says "Yeah, unfortunately it's the nature of the current music industry. People buy the album and then upload it to a file sharing site for others to download for free. It's frustrating because it's hard to prevent/avoid. We will have to see how much this effects the sales." I guess there is some kind of revolution going on inside the world of hip hop.

For those of you interested in buying the EP or any song on it, PLEASE use iTunes so that your donation can be used for the good of the people of Djati.

Du Pintor

ARTWORK: I mentioned earlier that Du Pintor (my artist protege) had done some pictures and they were being sent to me by way of a visitor from Portugal  - instead of being sent from Guinea Bissau (it is almost impossible to send anything of value in or out of that place) Once they get here (IF they get here) I will go into detail with the story. Suffice it to say that as it turns out, these days crooks smuggle drugs in canvas (we know they smuggle in dreadlocks and shoes) and the Interpol (akin to our FBI) is on the look out for anything that appears to be the least bit suspicious  - even innocent pictures painted by Du and being sent by a nurse and upstanding citizen of Portugal are suspect.  Supposedly the pictures have been released and sent to me It's been nearly a month now but.......I still don't have them.

Now on the bright side-
SCHOOL: Maritza has picked up the money for the desks and will deliver it to Freddy on Monday.  She is going to take the money to Quebo and will be there for the week. During that time she will get us a full progress report and hopefully some photos.  So far she knows that cement has been purchased and the children will be helping all next week.  Maritza is taking 7 boys from Casa Emanuel with her to team up with the Djati kids for a work and play camp, where they will build blocks for the school.

She says to stay tuned for next week's update and there should be lots of pictures.  "WE WILL BE TAKING PICTURES  OF EVERYTHING " she says.
There is also a man who is making a model of the school desk to show us what they will look like.  And she reminds us that in Guinea Bissau, everything takes time!
: The donation board shows we are only a few dollars shy of $4,200. That is the "unofficial total". In actuality we have collected $8,000 (some funds have been sent direct which do not show up on the board).  We only need an additional $6,500 to finish the project.

Kudos to all who have participated!!

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