Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kwanzaa Movie Recommendation

I received the email below from Kitty Pope, Publications Editor for AfricanDiasporaTourism. She was recommending a movie called the Black Candle for the Kwanzaa season. I thought I would pass the information along to you.
Photo Source: Kwanzaa for Life
Seasons Greetings
The winter holiday season is upon which includes the national and ever-growing international observance of Kwanzaa, the week between Christmas and New Years. As this originally African American holiday continuously become recognized by the worldwide African Diaspora, one great way to celebrate and learn more about it is to see the film The Black Candle by M.K. Asante, an award-winning author, filmmaker and professor

The Black Candle
I went to see the documentary a few days ago, and even though I knew the meaning of Kwanzaa and why we celebrated it, the film still proved to be very enlightening and informative. Asante uses background information and interviews with notable black leaders and scholars to present in-depth reasons for the celebration of Kwanzaa.  Narrated by Maya Angelou, The Black Candle shows why it is so important for people of African descent around the world to recognize and observe their African principles and roots. What better way to celebrate Kwanzaa than to share the power and inspiration of The Black Candle with a film screening in your home, library, school, community venues or places of worship. It is a must-see documentary that promises an enlightening experience.

 It has indeed been a pleasure bringing you travel information related to the African Diaspora this year. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. We look forward to presenting more exciting black culture, heritage and tourism information in 2012. Please be sure to continue to tell your family, friends and associates to visit and subscribe to

I wish everyone a safe and happy winter holiday season, and also an enlightening, delightful observance of Kwanzaa.

"The Black Candle" Trailer, Narrated by Maya Angelou from Dr. Maya Angelou on Vimeo.

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