Monday, December 19, 2011

"Just Us" for all

I usually reserve my political ranting for my other blog I’m Just Sayin, but everything effects everything and I felt it necessary to comment on a burning question I’ve been asking myself.

The question is “Are Black, Red and Brown people part of “the 99%”? If so, and I think we can agree that they are, why haven’t the grievances of minority needs been addressed by white liberals, progressives and activists?  Even In looking closely at the Occupy movement (which I fully embrace) I have noticed a lack of focus on Black (and minority) issues within the broader framework of the movement.

Take for instance the outrage and disgust that main stream America has shown as a result of the inhumane police brutality inflicted on Occupy protestors, and upon the students of UC Davis and UC Berkeley.

I’m sorry, let's call a spade a spade. As horrific as those assaults were, black and brown people have been subjected to this kind of police brutality for years! It is part of the norm in our everyday life. Where has the outrage been? Let's just imagine for a moment that the Occupy protestors had been black. The police violence against them would have been so monumental that I fear many of the protestors would have been killed (it's the history of this country) The disproportionate suffering that various demographics endure must be recognized.

As was mentioned in a previous post, the state of Black economy, the living conditions and wealth distribution is in a steep decline. Black and Brown neighborhoods are under constant police surveillance.

Institutional Racism...
“Recognizing and comprehending that institutional racism is a social disease is a significant first step toward combating its deleterious impact on people of color. America has never recognized this irrefutable fact. As a matter of fact, America has a black president that, like his predecessor, has refused to send a US delegation to the United Nations’ World Conference against Racism. This should make it rather clear as to the level of commitment the US has towards ending institutional racism. America’s continuous denial of their homegrown brand of institutional racism is a telltale indication that it is a nation in desperate need of serious social rehabilitation.” Source
No help from President Obama....
"By now it should be obvious that the system, and the Democratic Party, run Obama, not the other way around. Under this arrangement, the president carries out his duties as pre-eminent party functionary — fundraising being at the top of his list of responsibilities — and defers on legislation, leaving it to corrupt Democratic barons such as Sen. Max Baucus (D.-Mont.), devoted friend of the insurance, pharmaceutical,and banking crowd and sworn enemy of reform." Source
The Occupy Movement in the US is an important step towards a more socially and economically just world. I am encouraged by the recent involvement of Members of the African-American faith community. If we are to make this country a better place for all, then "all" must be represented!

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Another round of HOPE. I hope it isn't more HOPIUM being pushed by different "dealers".