Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Making of a Hip Hop Dancer

How far are aspiring female dancers willing to go to get noticed? 

The video goes behind the scenes to find the truth behind these highly sexualized images. This edgy POV documentary follows Linda, Michelle and Tracy - three young Black women as they compete for roles in hip hop music videos. Through their eyes we see how this world has impacted their personal values, their career ambitions and their concepts of beauty and self-image. Source: National Film Board of Canada

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Toni said...

Black women dancers in all fields have had to fight body images forever--dancers all have negative body images, male or female, but then add color and you have a whole other layer. Then figure in the choices that are available to them -- there are only so many Dance Theater of Harlem troupes. I have more issue with music videos in general portraying women in subservient roles. Young women of today are losing all the ground that was fought for and won in the past and willing to give away what is left.