Friday, June 22, 2012

Building Schools and Wells in West Africa beats a house full of IKEA Furniture

Investigating Tinkebell

My friend Chris Collins, Executive Director for the WAVS schools in Guinea Bissau, shared this video about what happened when a Dutch artist spent $30,000 to drive a Winnebago full of IKEA furniture to Guinea-Bissau West Africa so that she could help "save" an African family?

The 9-minute mini-documentary takes a look at the pros and cons of direct charity to developing countries.

This video demonstrates why our philosophy is to provide education and clean water for the villages we serve. Providing life changing opportunities for the people.
Thanks Chris!


We are very fortunate that (for the time being) we can build a school and a well in an impoverished village in Guinea Bissau for about $10,000. For the $30,000 which was spent on the furniture It Takes a Village could provide much needed services to THREE villages. In the village of Djati we have already provided education and clean water for a village of 1,000 people. Compare that, to spending $30,000 for furniture for one family. I'm sure the artist meant well and obviously has a kind heart but I think the video demonstrates that the result may have fallen short of its mark.

On the other hand - Below is another video about the impact wells and schools can have on the lives of the people in poor countries. (I am working on a new website for It Takes a Village and in the coming months we will have our own video specifically dedicated to Guinea Bissau).



Anonymous said...

That is a WELL done video about WATER and show your efforts are right on target. KEEP DIGGING!

devon said...

We will! And we can use help from everyone.Thanks for you comment.