Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It Takes a Village - Djati Update June 2012

It's going to be a long, slow summer, as far as reports and progress on our projects go. The Africa team will be on hiatus (but we back here in the states will still have lots to do to make sure we are ready to put them back to work when they return). We have the final building project in Djati, which is the medical clinic to build in October when the rains stop. (Future school projects will allow for the medical clinic to be incorporated within the school structure) Djati is also in desperate need of medical outreach, so we would like to hire a doctor to go in a couple of times a week and he is going to need some transportation (you saw those awful roads) so we are thinking of purchasing a cheap motorcycle. More info on that project after we finish the clinic.

Maritza leaves Africa for the US at the end of the month. She is usually gone for about 3 months (which is during the rainy season). She told me today that Freddy & Raquel have also been called home by their church during July and August. The truth is that these hard working folks would never take a break unless it was mandatory. So, we send our love and gratitude to them and pray that they get some much deserved rest and return to us safely in the fall.

But...they aren't gone just yet and Maritza sent us some updated news and pics today about the well progress. I hope to get in at least one or 2 more project reports before she leaves.

Freddy inspecting the well
Maritza says Freddy wasn't happy with the cap and top of the well, so he made them tear it all down and do it again. "Do it right"  he said (you tell em Freddy)

If you look closely, way down at the bottom of the well is a man

This man
he's the well digger (look at those muscles!)

The team traveled an hour from Quebo to speak to the chief there to get permission to collect the sand for Djati.  Some of the boys from Freddy's house helped to dig and load it onto the truck. A long day, but necessary, as Maritza reminds us,
 "there's no Home Depot in Guinea Bissau"

Freddy's son Luke sitting on the back of the truck
There's also no meat, unless you kill it. Some of the villagers caught 18 of these(???).....well we aren't exactly sure what they are. Maritza says they may be beavers but we both agree they look a little rat-like. They are suppose to be delicious but Maritza said she passed on partaking of the tasty treats.

 Can anybody tell us exactly what animal these are?
If so, send me a message or leave a comment. I'm curious.

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