Thursday, June 14, 2012

It Takes a Village - Djati update II - I smell a rat!

I sort of got the 411 on the mystery beaver/rat. I tried to look it up online, but as usual when I search for things "Guinea-Bissauan", I come up empty handed. But, I have a secret weapon! A follower from Guinea Bissau (thank you). We had quite a comical exchange regarding this BIG little rat.

"You can find them around the villages and in the bush. They have a habit of getting into houses take money's, especially notes and go make them as their beds LOL"
I'll post the details below as the rest of our comical discussion might get lost in translation.

This animal is called a Joquim-dudu, Joquim-Dur or Joaquim Doido (I searched under all 3 but found nothing). It's a rat like animal that steals anything that comes its way. The villagers burn off the skin and hair before eating, and, he is quite tasty (taste like rabbitt (Maritza) in case you want to try some)

They live in holes and the villagers kill them with logs and sticks. I think the children even join in on the hunt. The traditional hunting method is to smoke them out of their holes or.........get this...........they pour wine in the hole and the rat will drink it. After he is sufficiently inebriated, he emerges (with the money) Well, OK, maybe we made that part up but he does drink the wine.  They like to eat groundnuts, rice and other fine things.  Apparently he he has excellent taste.

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