Friday, June 15, 2012

It Takes a Village - Good News in Djati - A job "WELL" done

Another rainy season has begun in Guinea Bissau but….

Today there is great joy in Djati.  For the very first time, the people of Djati are getting a taste of water from their very own well. Woo Hoo!!

Yes, the well has been completed 

The well that we built is a life changing event for the villagers of Djati (especially for the women and girls). They never imagined or dreamed that they would have their own well. They told us this when we were there in February. They are very grateful!

I am really happy because I've witnessed first hand how the lives of people can be changed for the better by everyday people. YOU can make a difference! 

In just a few months our vision has manifested and WE have given 1,000 people who live in a tiny forgotten village in Africa a new beginning. Just think about that!

So, I send my personal thanks and deepest appreciation to EVERYONE who helped in this endeavor. A special shout out to my team in Guinea Bissau, my DNA brother and sister here in the US and to Hasan, FLOW and the Music is My Weapon project. I know Hasan worked very hard out there doing interviews, hosting concerts and giving a voice to the voiceless. We could not have done it with out you!

Friends, family and donors, you rock! Thank you for every last dime you contributed and to the readers of this blog and my Facebook page thank you for your loyalty and support!

pictures to follow soon...I hope


Toni said...

We are so blessed (a word misused or misunderstood) to have the opportunity to help! What you give freely comes back doubly. Thanks Devon

Anonymous said...

Wish I could hear just some of the villagers talking today - about this day - today.

Toni said...

Just received this beautiful flower picture from Tamara Bado and Hasan Salaam's CD Music is my Weapon! He personalized it too -- Walk on Water! The water is in the well, and we are on to the next village. Save your pennies. We are going to need it!