Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tom's Shoes says "NO" shoes for Guinea Bissau

On Tuesday I spoke with Ashley Codero. a Giving Administrator at Tom's Shoes. (And before I begin, let me say that at least the organization was professional enough to email me and speak with me on the phone about our project)
 Ashley wrote:
TOMS' giving philosophy is to integrate our shoe giving into existing charitable programs for which shoes will play a complementary role, significantly increasing the impact of both our shoes and those programs. After determining need and impact, we hope to enter into long term, sustainable relationships with our partners. We have found this to be the most respectful and responsible way to give.
Also, it seems that the model for "the way we give"  includes in its core criteria:  item #5
Organizational capabilities: Our minimum shipment quantity is approximately 50,000 pairs of shoes (in a 40 foot container). Organizations must also be registered NGOs in the country in which shoes will be given. Please note that TOMS does not cover duties, demurrage, port storage, and related fees, in the event that they are incurred.
I think this is a shoe drop in South Africa source
So after a lengthy conversation with Ashley it looks like (at least for the time being) there will be no shoe drop for our kids in Djati or Guiledje. (sad face)

children in Djati, Guinea Bissau
The thing that bums me out the most is that so much focus goes to countries like Kenya, Malawi and Ethiopia and Rwanda. Don't get me wrong, these countries are in serious need of help and I am so happy that they are receiving help but for our poor little country of Guinea Bissau (also in need of help), I  find that, so far. "all" of the charities I have approached have declined to help.

Sooo, today I will allow myself to cry in my beer, but tomorrow I will be up and at it again!! I know it's a numbers game. One down, thousands more to go! After all, I still have the kindness and generosity of my readers.

Thanks for all you do!

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