Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What you may not have known about Ghanaian President John Atta Mills

From an article in Africa Style Daily
Ghana -It took three tries – but the third time was the charm for Ghana’s late President, John Attah Mills who died yesterday in Accra’s 27 Hospital at the age of 68. Mills was often lauded – and derided – for his calm, easy-going, manner which some took as quiet strength and others weakness. Nonetheless, he was a distinctive president in a distinctive era for Ghana. 
Picture Source: Africa Style Daily
His Presidency is marked with many  historical moments in the country’s history – such as the visit of President Barack Obama, the discovery of oil and the building of the George Bush Highway. Unfortunately, one final – and tragic – distinction marked his time in office: Mills was Ghana’s first President to die in office. As the world turns its attention to his life story, we highlight ten surprising – and inspiring – facts about the late John Atta Mills. 
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