Thursday, May 9, 2013

Medical Supplies arrive for Djati Medical Clinic

It Takes a Village

I thought you might like to see some of the medical supplies that your dollars helped purchase for the villagers in Djati and the surrounding villages.

A big thank you to Raquel for keeping track of what is needed where and for who and how much! We would truly be lost without her.

The clinic in Djati is not yet completed so Raquel is storing all of the medication at her clinic in Quebo. The Djati clinic will serve Djati and other villages in the surrounding area. There is no permanent doctor in Djati yet so Raquel and her assistants will continue to provide medical care to the villagers via their Health Brigades. At some point we plan to have a permanent doctor that will go to each of our villages on a regular basis to treat the people. Medical supplies will be stored at the clinic in Djati and they will be available for use by the villagers.

Malaria Medication

Thank you to all who supported this effort

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