Monday, September 23, 2013

An Evening in West Africa

I support the efforts of others who are working hard to make a difference in Guinea Bissau so I'm determined to attend this event on Oct 25th. Its sponsored by Chris Collins and Wavs (West African Vocational Schools)

Its a unique dinner presentation and wine-tasting fundraiser featuring authentic Guinea-Bissau food, a live auction, and music from Patrick Contreras!

Immerse yourself in West Africa with a night of wine tasting and authentic cuisine from the tiny country of Guinea-Bissau!

West African Vocational Schools will host a unique dinner presentation at Fresno County's newest winery to share the story of how the Valley community is working with young men and women in Guinea-Bissau to forge a better future for one of the world's smallest and poorest countries.

To get your advanced tickets, visit: Tickets are $40 per individual and $75 per couple and include dinner and wine tasting.
Also please check out the video below of Patrick Contreras' recent trip to Guinea Bissau. 

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