Monday, December 30, 2013

The last donation is the first donation

The last donation is the first donation. It all depends on how you look at it!

As 2013 comes to a close, I figured we had pretty much received all the project donations we would see for this year.

Just goes to show you how wrong I was.

Yesterday I received a call from a previous contributor who asked if she could come by and talk with me about the project status and discuss the possibility of making a donation for an upcoming project.

Of course I said yes!

We met this afternoon and I showed her several of the slideshows of our completed projects. We discussed future project plans which include more schools in the villages of Guinea Bissau. At the end of the conversation she handed me an envelope with five crisp one hundred dollar bills inside!

During our discussion we talked about Du Pintor and his fabulous painting (I just happened to have many of his paintings out because I recently moved into a new apt and have not yet hung my artwork.)  I told her of Du's desire to go to college. He's such a talented artist and a very smart guy as well. She was very impressed and asked me to obtain some information on what it would cost to send him to college (she is also is looking for a  student to help through school) I told her that I would check and get back with her.

With that, I could not let her leave empty handed -- so I gave her the last small Du Pintor painting that I have. (larger sizes are still available if any of you are interested)

Today's donation will be a good start for 2014. She was overjoyed and so was I!

(Oh and don't forget all of your donations are also tax deductible)

Thank you Cleo and Happy New Year!!


shelly earnshaw @ribbon in the sky said...

an amazing end to 2013 and start to encouraging!!!!

devon said...

Yes, and good things often come when you least expect them.