Monday, December 9, 2013

Welcome to Nia's Story

This is a picture of Nia when I first learned the adoption was in process

Beautiful Nia Campune was born on September 19, 2012 on the island of Bolama, Guinea Bissau. Nia's twin did not survive. As I have mentioned on a number of occasions, life is hard in Guinea Bissau and with medical facilities practically non existent, most women go through their entire pregnancies without receiving any prenatal care. If there are complications during pregnancy or childbirth there is really no help available. The number one cause of death for women in Guinea Bissau is childbirth. And so it was for Nia's mother.

But, Nia is one of the lucky ones!! She has been adopted by a kind and loving family here in the U.S and now she has 2 parents (both parents are active in projects in Guinea Bissau) and the love of her 3 new siblings (2 sisters and a brother).

Here are some recent pics

 The welcome home party

 Me, Nia and her new mom after their long flight home from Guinea Bissau

 Nia at my favorite hotel, The Radisson Blu in Senegal. I hear she loved the hotel too!
I think Nia and I will get along just fine!

This is Nia on her 1st car ride to her new home hugging the pink teddy bear I gave her at the airport
Is there anything more precious than a sleeping baby?

We'll follow Nia's journey here and I'll post more updates on her story along with photos.

So stay tuned

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