Monday, February 24, 2014

The New Jim Crow Museum

My personal opinion is that President Obama has the perfect platform to open a deeper, more meaningful dialogue about race relations in this country, but for some reason he has chosen to remain silent. The majority of African Americans are no better off under his watch than in previous administrations. In some areas things have gotten worse and there are more changes on the horizon that will take us backwards.

There is a place whose purpose is to educate people and open their eyes to the reality of racism. Maybe you can't get to Michigan to visit the museum in person but you surely have 20 minutes to sit quietly and watch this video.

What kind of country do you want to live it?

Each one Teach one

Opened in April 2012 at Ferris State University in Michigan.

"I have a goal to create a room that when people come into that room, it changes the way they talk about race. -- Dr. David Pilgrim, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, Ferris State University; Curator, Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia.
We oppose all forms of racism. The Jim Crow Museum's emphasis on anti-Black racial artifacts should not be seen as a lack of concern about other expressions of group oppression. We believe that prejudice and discrimination directed toward any group is wrong and must be opposed.
 Admission is free

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shelly earnshaw @ribbon in the sky said...

Devon...thank you yet again for posting intelligent and thought provoking material for us to digest. It is apparent to me that the Jim Crow "caricatures" were so pervasive through our culture that it is difficult to recognize sometimes...I lived in Hawaii and Northern California my whole life but I still remember a restaurant called "sambos" in downtown SR. I never knew that was a racial term (and a disparaging one at that) until later in my life. The war is not over, by a longshot, so thank you for continuing to educate all of us through your postings.