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Friends of Guinea Bissau - Walking the Talk

Friends of Guinea Bissau - A Project of Love
Projects for the people of Guinea Bissau

The 3rd movie trailer I made was done especially with my friend Shelly Earnshaw in mind

Shelly is the brains and the fundraising power behind our latest project Keep Maritza Mobile.

I met Shelly last spring. She contacted me after reading some of my blog posts. During one of our conversations she told me that she was very interested in helping me with the projects for It Takes a Village.

Over time, we developed a close friendship.

In November Shelly journeyed to Guinea Bissau to bring home her newest little daughter, Nia.

While in Guinea Bissau she witnessed the poverty of the country and the kindness and loving spirit of the people there. She also had the good fortune to meet with Maritza and experienced first-hand the difficulties she has because her 30 yr old vehicle keeps breaking down. Shelly realized the devastating impact this had on Maritza’s ability to help with adoptions, make visits to the local people in the areas she serves, provide educational and recreational trips for the orphans in her care and how it hinders the progress of charitable projects like It Takes a Village and many others.

When Shelly returned to the U.S we talked about her experiences and I had a chance to meet her beautiful adopted daughter (who I now claim as my niece). Shelly wants very much to help the people and especially the orphans in Guinea Bissau, but first, before she could do any of that - she told me she really wanted to figure out how to get Maritza reliable transportation and that it would cost about $10,000. I told her that I was 100% in support of her efforts and would help in any way I could.  Shelly came up with a group and named it Friends of Guinea Bissau -- and a new project was born!

 Jar project by Junior Friends of Guinea Bissau

Since then Shelly has been the driving force behind our fundraising, oversees our Facebook page and has begun working with the children in a new group called Junior Friends of Guinea Bissau - encouraging them to come up with creative ways to support the project.  We both believe that it’s important to teach kids early to become charitable individuals because it helps them to become more kind, and compassionate adults.

Junior Friends of Guinea Bissau
Thank you Shelly for all you do
and this video is for you!

Two projects join forces for a great cause. To make a difference together! Working to help the people in the tiny country of Guinea Bissau West Africa.
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