Monday, September 8, 2014

An Orphanage in Quebo

In the coming days I will post some more photos of the Schafer duo - Fredy and Raquel. Giving you a glimpse of all they do!



Freddy a Raquel are simply AMAZING (in case you didn't already know it) Their dedication to the people in Guinea Bissau goes above and beyond. Frankly, I do not know how they keep all their projects straight. An orphanage, a school in Quebo, a baking school, medical clinic. These projects are in addition to the projects they manage with It Takes a Village ( 2 villages, Djati, and Guiledje)

They have about 21 kids on their project. They recently took in four more in, who's father has aids and mother has passed away.

The new girls dorm at the orphanage run by Fredy & Raquel Schafer in Quebo

Thank you to Connie's organization, Life Link, which supplied them with enough money to buy mattresses so that each girl could have her own bed to sleep on. Prior to that there were 3 girls sleeping on 1 mattress.


boys studying for exams


shelly earnshaw @ribbon in the sky said...

May Fredy and Raquel be equipped to continue such amazing work! Thanks for the update on the Schafers in Quebo!

devon said...

They do amazing work!