Thursday, May 14, 2015

Life in the bush, Djati Guinea Bissau

It's just about time to announce our next projects.

Even though we haven't started a project yet this year, plenty has been going on in Guinea Bissau!

I continue to be inspired by the dedication of people like Freddy and Raquel who have an endless list of projects in which they are involved. All directed at helping to make lives better for the people of Guinea Bissau.

And thank you to Maritza, who is our eyes and ears on the ground in Africa. She is also a talented photographer, and recently sent me a very nice collection of photos which help illustrate daily life in Djati. She didn't include any explanations to go with the photos, and honestly, I don't think any are necessary.  

Thank you again Maritza!
Life in the bush


Stay tuned
new projects to be announced soon

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