Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What if this were happening to your child?

Would you let your child drink  
contaminated water?

Of course not

and the children of Guiledje, Guinea Bissau West Africa should not have to drink it either
 In July 2010 the United Nations (UN) agreed to a new resolution declaring the human right to “safe and clean drinking water and sanitation”.
The children of Guiledje need our help

 "It Takes a Village" built a school for the village a couple of years ago, but unlike Djati, we did not build a well.

A well is desperately needed.
  We currently have $500 towards the $2000 it will cost to build the well. 
We only have about 10 days left to raise the funds. 
Please Help

This project was brought to me by Connie Alessi our Life Link 501c partner
Please read her words about the project below

Thank you in advance for your support.

Imagine you are a ten year old girl with your six year old brother. You have walked for over an hour in 110 degree heat to attend school for the first time. It is a new school close to your village. Finally you will learn to read and write, do some math...things you have heard about from people in the market. 

You have heard that if you can do these things, you can escape the bush and get a job in the city. You are very excited when you see the school! You run to get a good seat. You want to study. You want to learn. As you arrive at the school you are so thirsty! Walking and running in 110 degree heat is hard work! Sweat is running down you face and your clothes are soaked. Your little brother seems a little dizzy. You need water, quickly! Your only source is the cistern pictured below. 

In the dry season it barely catches any rain water, and it has set for a long time. But you and your brother desperately need a drink of water. You pray that he won't get sick from the black water and give him some... Now imagine the same scenario with one difference! Instead of the dirty cistern, there is a brand new well with fresh clear cold water! Clean water! Lots of water! Not only can you and your little brother drink without getting sick, but there is also enough water to wash the sweat and dirt from his little face. Oh, yes, for these children, this school is worth the walk!! This is not a fairy tale. This is what is actually happening right now. The school is built and, yes, it is really that hot! (I've been there!) We desperately need the money for this well so that these children can have clean water at the school!! We currently have $500 towards the $2000 it will cost to build the well. 

We have to make this happen! Please help us today!! 

Any amount is appreciated!! 

To donate online, go to www.lifelinkrc.org (or go to the link on my sidebar)
type "well" on the description line and 100% of the funds will go to building this well 

Your donation is also tax deductible

You may also send a check to: 
Life Link, PO Box 1808, 
Claremore, OK 74018.

Thank you in advance! Together we can make this happen!!!

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