Monday, April 30, 2012

Girls Best Friend - Reunited after more than 40 years

Discovering my Fulani roots is not the only discovery I've made lately.
Recently I reconnected with one of my best friends!!
Over the years I’ve spent hours looking for her and several other friends. When I first started searching for friends, there were very few search options available. As social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and have become more and more prominent, it has opened new avenues for people looking to reconnect.

Portsmouth, NH
My friend and I last saw each other when we were 15 year old sophomores attending Portsmouth High School in Portsmouth NH.  

My family moved from Portsmouth when my father was re assigned to Denver, CO. Because we were a military family, moving was not something new to me. We moved quite frequently and although there are many good things about living the life of a military brat, one of the sad things, is that it results in many abbreviated friendships.
 We kept in touch for a while after I moved away but eventually we lost contact.

Friends are very important to me.  All total, more than forty five years have passed since we last saw each other and I have always wondered what happened to her.

During an online search this past February I ended up on the
site where I just happened to look up my old high school in NH.  Lo and behold my friend was listed there along with her married name. 

Even with that very important information I was still unable to locate her, but I found a photo of her in an organization that she belongs to. I looked up the organization and sent an email to its president. I explained who I was and that I was trying to locate my old friend. I asked that if they knew how to reach my friend, would they kindly pass my contact information along to her. 

A few days later I received a reply from my friend.

I was very happy!

This past weekend we celebrated our reunion as invited guests to their home.

What a wonderful time we had! 
and it's interesting -- 
even though we had not seen each other for many years
and we have both experienced so much during those years of separation, 
 she really hadn't changed that much from the friend I knew in high school.

I'm looking forward to spending more time with her and her family.

(I'll post more about our reunion later)

Here's a photo from when last we saw each other

me and Cheryle - 
Clipper Yearbook Portsmouth HS
me and Cheryle  - April 2012
our 1st home in Portsmouth - right next to the river

Our house - I visited Portsmouth in 2000 for the first time since high school
I googled it the other day and Its now an empty lot
Is there someone you want to reconnect with?


therealsandyboo said...

Hello Devon, what a great experience. I still have not begun my sisterloc journey, however, I am still natural and wearing my hair in two strand twists. I'm getting there.

Saundra Stamps (FB friend)

Toni said...

I too connected with a high school friend recently via FB. I don't know if we will manage to meet anytime soon, but it was nice to hear her journey and know that some people do not lose that thing that made them your friend to begin with.

devon said...
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devon said...

Just do it!!!LOL

devon said...

I hope you get to see her